Sunday, December 27, 2009


Here are some doll's I've made.

          My friends Ben and Alison's daughter, Clara, has this dolly.

My friend Julie has this fair haired and freckled doll. Complete with scarf & beret.

My mother in law, Fran, has this paw-print-dress dolly.

 My friend & teacher Labette needed cheering up so I mailed her this cheeky monkey.
(Labette: thank you for all the dimensional analysis math sessions!)

A friend, Rob, got married so we sent this doll along for his daughter Mataya to enjoy.

A friend, Roxy, has this doll.
(not shown: I added a gold 'medal' w/gold ribbon just before sending it as Roxy is a TKD 1st place winner)

My niece, Shaina, has green cat on Pet Society.
I decided to bring Phoina to life! (felt & silk)

My friend Erin's daughter Ella has this ballerina, princess, fairy doll with matching handbag.
Later I got this note from Erin: " OMG, she's adorable!!! Ella is going to be so excited... Ella had to bring in 'something magical' to her summer camp program and she chose to bring the fairy doll you made her. It was so sweet..."

My friend Rachel became a chef, so I made her a cinnamon & clove scented Chef doll. She has her own jewelery, whisk, purse and book filled with my hand-carved stamps. Oh, and a 'tattoo' that compliments Rachel's own tattoo.  (this particular doll took 9 hours to make)

Friday, November 13, 2009