Monday, February 8, 2010

Fabric Design

My new years resolution regarding my blog is to post at least once a month. This works well for me because honestly living in the country in Wisconsin there is not much happening on a daily basis to blog about. For now I'd rather spend my time reading other blogs working on my art and spending time with my family.

Give me a month to think of something to blog about ;) and with a little luck something neat will actually happen to me that is blog-worthy.

Here's the what's new:
In January I was contacted by JulieVision regarding the "Sleepy Collie" fabric I have on Spoonflower.

The fabric was just sitting there as an idea and since it was unavailable for purchase JulieVision contacted me.

We talked about her ideas and I was inspired to pick up where I'd left off and make the fabric available for purchase! But, before making fabric available for purchase it is wise to tweak the image by reducing the number of and sprucing up the colors this is to improve the quality of the image for printing onto fabric.

Then I ordered a an 8" x 8" swatch to see how it looked. When it was evident that the quality of the print was suitable I made it available for purchase.

Lucky me it only took one try! And while I was at it I worked on a few others.

I invite you to see my fabric "Sleepy Collie" in action as the clutch 
"Woof" by JulieVision:

JulieVision's clutch "Woof" is for sale here:

you can also find JulieVision here: 
Here are the swatches:
My design "Sleepy Collie" from watercolor to fabric.

My design "Playful Collie" from watercolor to fabric.
Buy my fabric designs here: 
You can also see him and more of my art in my flickr portfolio: 
Here are the other swatches I ordered along with the Collie prints:

"Pegasus Argyle"      8" x 8" swatch
This started as a digital image & became fabric... 
The Cotton Knit is so soft! Needs a bit of touching up...

"Anarchy Baby!"      8" x 8" swatch
This started as a digital image & became fabric... not sure why it looks brownish. I think it is partially due to my camera work... that's why we get swatches! Maybe not such a good pattern after all.
Here are some other fabric designs of mine that I've ordered as swatches from Spoonflower:

"Plaid Yeah!"       8" x 8" swatch
The reds turned out orange & the pink looks pretty distressed... 
I'm not pleased with this at all. I guess it's a good thing I got a swatch!

 "Whirlygig"     8" x 8" swatch
This one is really nice!

"Blueberry Blonde"    8" x 8" swatch
When flora & fauna meet =)

"Strawberry Blonde"    8" x 8" swatch
When flora & fauna meet =)

"Totally 80's"    8" x 8" swatch
Swatch (right) colors are a little off from digital file (left) but very cute!

"Affirmation Panel"     8" x 8" swatch
The colors are very off on the swatch (right) from the digital file (left). 
I have since tweak the colors but I haven't ordered a second swatch.

 "Nurse Berry" digital file on left - assembled doll on right.
I think it turned out pretty well for a first try at making a doll panel. 
I have since upgrade the pattern but I have not ordered a swatch yet.

I appreciate you stopping by and taking time to check in with me and taking an interest in what is happening in my world...