Friday, November 9, 2012

Riverfront Arts Center, Fine Art Gift Gallery

November 2012

Every November the Riverfront Arts Center they hold their Fine Art Gift Gallery. The Riverfront Art Center is located at 1200 Crosby Ave., Stevens Point, WI and this will be their 14th year annual show. There will be artists from all over WI who have submitted work for the holiday season. This is a great opportunity to support local Wisconsin artists and find some unique gifts to give this year. If you're in the area please drop in you may find something unexpected if you do. They also offer a "men only" shopping night. That's on Thursday, December 13 from 4-6 pm and there will be staff on hand to help choose & wrap gift selections.

Here's a peek at the blank cards I've put into this show.

Enjoy the holidays!


  1. Thanks for letting me know. I'll have to check it out soon!
    I love that you love The Worst Witch!!! It's rare I find someone that even knows what I'm talking about. I have the same birthday as that main actress. Just a fun fact.

  2. I agree Nena, hardly anyone knows of Wost Witch; and that's sad; also it was much better than Sabrina the Teenage Witch. How cool you and Fairuza Balk share the same birthday =)