Wednesday, March 16, 2011

My First Stitch n'Bitch - March 15, 2011

I joined a Stitch n'Bitch a few months back. Then winter came and then all this snow kept falling, preventing me from joining in the fun. Finally I got lucky and the weather here, in Wisconsin, was sunny, the day became a warm 50 degrees with no jacket required for this weeks Stitch n'Bitch!

I thought I'd get my butt on the road to meet up with my car pool about a half hour early. It actually took me an hour to get to the meeting place! I felt really bad about that. I hope that Angi will be willing to meet and carpool with me again!  

We drove together and had pleasant conversation on our way to meet up with her friends at a cafe. When we got there Deb was already knitting away. Angi and I said hello then put our stuff down and went up for coffee. When we went to order we met up with two group members, Jenny and Marty, who were getting their food and drink. I ordered a falafel and a soy chai, yum! 

Over food we had a great chat about what we all were up to then we settled into our different projects: knitting, reading, computing. I had packed my picnic basket of crafts with some books to share so some were looking at those. I also packed a hand sewing project. I was experimenting with some folded shapes, out of pieces of yellow felt. I finished it pretty quickly, about an hour or so, and in the end it didn't really impress me, so I gave it Blue, my dog, to play with. He likes it and is napping with it right now. We are calling it 'cheese' since it's yellow and sort of textured because of the layers. It was never meant to be cheese though, ha ha ha.

I'm very happy that I got to go! Everyone was really nice, the environment was wonderful and it was a lot of fun and I can't wait to join in with this great group of ladies again sometime. 

Hope you enjoyed catching up with me and my adventures of my first Stitch n'Bitch!



  1. oo a stitch n' bitch sounds super fun...where can I find one these groups

  2. there's a website called Meet Up where you can locate groups near you or start one!