Monday, March 7, 2011

SHOP ATTACK - round 35

Greetings and welcome to the I Love Blueberry Blonde Blog!

I am starting a new weekly post theme for The Blueberry Blonde blog called "SHOP  ATTACK" in collaboration with the Attack of the Craft forum. The aim is to feature a variety of artists from (AotC) Attack of the Craft share their Etsy shops, support their art and give them some exposure.

Did you know that the AotC forum is also called "The Island of Misfit Crafters". This forum brings people together in the spirit of sharing, promoting and celebrating DIY. Everyone is welcome! Whatever level you are at with your creative skills please feel welcome to join us! If aren't into creating and you are a patron of handmade you are also welcome join us and begin discovering all that AotC has to offer.

For more awesome handmade goodness, search the tag "attackofthecraft" on Etsy!
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This weeks Shop Attacks has three stores for you to discover.
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Smarmy Clothes
Must see and own creations by Lex. A wide variety of one of a kind hand made wares including tops, pants, dresses, hoodies, undies, gloves and a whole lot more! This talented lady has it all! She'll even do custom orders. Just look at this fabulous plaid school girl jumper I would love to wear this out for meeting friends and going gallery hopping!

Hardware Honey Jewelry
Drawing on elements of her personality to create handmade and altered pieces of jewelry Hardware Honey has some sweet industrial glam! This piece, the  lock washer set, caught my eye right away. I think it would be fun to wear out with friends for drinks and dancing!

Blueberry Blonde
Oh my, that's me! What fun to be in this weeks SHOP ATTACK! I love making whimsical pieces of art. In my shop you'll find lots of one of a kind hand made work including hats, purses, stationary, dolls and more. While it is easy to pick my favorite from someone else's shop it's difficult to pick just one of my own... This is the very lovely Paris Cocktail Hat. When I create a hat I think about the woman who might wear it and where she may wear it to. For this hat I was thought of a woman walking to a cafe to meet friends for coffee in the afternoon one August day. It is fun, flirty and feminine -- she's bound to turn some heads.

I hope you enjoyed visiting the I Love Blueberry Blonde blog and exploring this weeks Shop Attack talent!
That's all for now! Happy Surfing!

Bluberry Blonde

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