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Tell Your Story Journal Page - April 26, 2010 - A New Season

"Tell Your Story"

I will be posting a journal page a day! While I'm taking an online class, through Red Velvet Art (RVA), called Tell Your Story. (registration is closed) It is a 6 week class so, I'll be posting one page a day to my blog for the six weeks.

This will be a visual journey of self reflection via mixed media collage and a personal challenge..

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A New Season... can also be viewed on my flickr page (which has comments from other class members).

While making this journal page I kept thinking, "this is a lot of stuff on here... I gotta stop before it gets muddy looking." So it became clear to me that one thing I will attempt to conquer during my six weeks in this class is to make a cohesive piece of art that is not over worked or overwhelmed with elements. I think I don't like seeing 'white space' in my art right now, but eventually I will get to a place I feel comfortable using minimalism and white space effectively and feel that I've been able to express myself clearly. I guess today's page reflects all the stuff in my head - cluttered! Ha ha...


With this page I was experimenting with torn paper, pens, oil pastels, acrylic, dyed paper toweling, stamp and stencil. I layered lots of torn paper and dyed paper toweling.  I also used canceled postage. The curly braces and lines are from a stencil I cut and subsequently destroyed while making this page....


Here is what it says:

Teach how to make: spring rolls, sushi, cut work / stamps, applique, book binding and hats

Make more dolls, bracelets, hats, journals. Post regularly to Etsy & blog!

Learn: design elements for journaling, LESS is MORE, how to work my blog!


Please look but don't copy.
All comments, thoughts and constructive criticisms welcome!


Blueberry Blonde

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