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Tell Your Story - Journal Page - May 11, 2010 - Dream Homes

"Tell Your Story"

I will be posting a journal page a day! While I'm taking an online class, through Red Velvet Art (RVA), called Tell Your Story. (registration is closed) It is a 6 week class so, I'll be posting one page a day to my blog for the six weeks.

This will be a visual journey of self reflection via mixed media collage and a personal challenge...

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says: Dream Home(s)...
NOW: little red brick farmstead w/lots of animals & gardens.
FUTURE? The Fowlerton *open porch * cupola * lots of light * (spiral) stairwell *pass through in kitchen * fireplace. Level 1 1,100 square feet. Level 2 1,075 square feet. * needs a bsmt!

funky shape, apothecary storage, funky lamps, art studio w/360 degree view, also: sauna, bees, workshop for Bill, 3 babies, hearth, posh rugs, spiral staircase, grow fruit & veg, raise chickens, a bath is a must have! RELAX! novel bar (for fun). A place to put down roots and grow a family.
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Other thoughts:
I'm living in my dream home! It is a cute red brick farmstead.

When I was looking through my old journals I had many pages of home furnishings and blueprints cut out already...

The Fowlerton house is one I had really dreamed about before getting married and finding the wonderful red brick place we currently live in. Follow this link to check out my blog post all about my red brick house!

I just really liked the funky shape of the Fowlerton and in turn all the odd shaped rooms. The house has so many windows that it would be a bright space for living in. There's a fire place which I love.

I miss having a wood stove / fire place... when we did have one, one of my favorite chores was splitting fire wood =) I'm actually kind of good at wielding an axe! I'm pretty good at starting a fire too... that is a skill worth learning, especially if you're cold. One could say you learn faster when there is need.

The front porch, of the Fowlerton, looked nice and seemed, to me, like it has the possibility of wrapping all the way around. I imagined our kids practicing tricycle on it and chasing each other around and around...

The part I really liked and would claim as my own, would be the cupola. With its 360 degree view! I really wanted a bright art studio and with the added height I could really see a ways off for inspiration. 
From there I could star gaze or prolong sun sets...

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ingredients: variety of cut / torn magazine pages - some are over 10 years old, paper, pen, silver sharpie, staples, glue, ribbon.
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Please look but don't copy.
All comments, thoughts and constructive criticisms welcome!

Blueberry Blonde

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