Saturday, May 1, 2010

Tell Your Story - Journal Page for April 25 - Introduction

This is the start of something new for me...

"Tell Your Story"

I will be posting a journal page a day! While I'm taking an online class, through Red Velvet Art (RVA), called Tell Your Story. (registration is closed) It is a 6 week class so, I'll be posting one page a day to my blog for the six weeks.

This will be a visual journey of self reflection via mixed media collage and a personal challenge..
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
One goal I have is to create a series of loose pages, for several reasons. One important reason is so they scan well for good documentation.

Another reason is to use my skill of book binding to put the journal pages together in one book.

I hope to someday be able to pass it along to my children so they can remember me when I'm gone. I also want to share it with family whom I don't often see as we live all over from NY to Japan to Seattle...

While I may mention how I did a technique here and there. I will not breech RVA copyright to say anything regarding class content.

Maybe I will be inspired to continue a daily post to my blog...? Time will tell.

So, here's my introduction page! It can also be seen on flickr.

And  this is what the page says:
Hello! My name is Stephie! I love dogs. I've never broken a bone. I'm trained as an LPN. I helped a loved one through cancer. I love to carve stamps, make dolls, hats & journals.

I can write backwards pretty well. (and below it I switched hands to write) & lefty  (because I can write with my left  if I concentrate really hard.)

I've been known to raise chickens, bunnys & bees

Favorite food: Sushi
Favorite movie: Tank Girl
Favorite artist: Andy Warhol

(other phrases I wrote:) I love espresso! I love fabric! Ribbon! Swirls! Eyes! Learning always learning!

(there is also a description of the shoes I was wearing it says:) Inside: there is a pirate skull. Outside: my shoes are red plaid & black fabric with silver buckles.

Note: The photo was digitally added added after page was scanned in... it's me in 2002 in Sunshine, Ontario, Canada amongst the luscious Lupines!
Note: There are several hand carved stamps in this piece.

I designed & carved them myself.

One is of human heart: I made a print onto paper then covered that in tape. I soaked the tape in water & scrubbed the paper away. The ink that was left on the tape was a lighter version of the original imprint...

There is also a dog stamp, birds and a bird house...
Internal dialog: this intro page was a challenge for me because I don't usually collage. I wanted to take the Tell Your Story class to challenge myself in new creative ways... Doing it I realized that I don't really know how to describe myself... I ended up tearing up the page I wrote the stream of consciousness onto and using the best bits...
Please look but don't copy.

All comments, thoughts and constructive criticisms welcome!

Blueberry Blonde

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