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Tell Your Story Journal Page - April 30, 2010 - Deep Down

 "Tell Your Story"

I will be posting a journal page a day! While I'm taking an online class, through Red Velvet Art (RVA), called Tell Your Story. (registration is closed) It is a 6 week class so, I'll be posting one page a day to my blog for the six weeks.

This will be a visual journey of self reflection via mixed media collage and a personal challenge...

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Text says:

Deep Down

I love symbolism.
I need my family.
I don't want to be alone.
I'm easy to please & slow to anger.
I want to be pain free.
I love cuddles.
I want to be remembered.
I doubt myself.
I want to be a prolific artist.
I can be impulsive.
I want children.
I love the country & crave city life.

Book title says:
I love asymmetry.

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For today's art journal page  I started with the doodles then I added the other elements around it.

The tentacle is emerging from somewhere "Deep Down" .... Am I caught in its grasp? or am I becoming free from it? It holds onto potential growth, health, mortality and is grasping a key.

What does it open? "Hope"; I think...

The baby, the bird cage and the little girl are planted in the ground just like the carrots & mushrooms. They lie dormant but ready for growth...

The other elements float above like in a dream. Connected to me by a golden thread... hope, support, knowledge, home...

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I have decided that the general interpretation is all I will do. I will not be interpreting the detailed meaning of each symbol in this work of art on the interweb, for that is far too personal. If I describe it, I believe, the mystery of the symbol is taken away and the piece ceases to be intriguing and simply becomes hearsay. I think what is wonderful about symbolism is the hidden meaning, the personal attributes one places on them and the variety of interpretations from others. It lends some level of privacy to the artist even though it is available for all to see. That is the same reason I'm also enjoying creating an art journal. I can share without going into detail and still feel the catharsis of expression within a community of peers. If you have any thoughts or feelings the symbols stir in you you're welcome to share those thoughts with me if you so choose.

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Ingredients: embossing pen and chalk, gold and silver leafing pens, markers, all stamped images are my own designs hand carved by me, various cut and torn papers, paint chip (color: Goddess Green), blue and gold embroidery threads, ribbon, glue.

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Please look but don't copy.
All comments, thoughts and constructive criticisms welcome!

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Blueberry Blonde

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